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Q: With all of Justin Trudeau’s crazy/useless/stupid new gun laws, can I still get my RESTRICTED licence?
A: YES! We still offer the course, and there are still restricted firearms you can purchase with your restricted licence.  And if he gets booted out and the Conservatives get in, you’ll be able to buy handguns again!

Q: My PAL expired 2 or 4 or 10 years ago…do I have to take the course again?
A: NO! It’s like a Driver’s Licence.  Just fill out the renewal application, which is available on the RCMP website.  It actually has a box for “Expired PAL” that you check off.  Just fill out the application and send in the required picture/money. Don’t believe instructors just trying to make more money, or the Canadian Firearms Program/RCMP person on the phone who doesn’t know the law (yes, it happens…).

Q: Are there many female participants in the courses?
A: Yes!  In most courses women make up approximately 30-50% of the participants.

Q: Can I challenge the course/test?
A: No.  As of June 21st, 2015 challenges are no longer allowed in Canada.

Q: Can I take only the restricted course?
A: No. You must pass (or have passed) the non-restricted in order to take the restricted.

Q: Can I purchase a gift certificate for a course as a present for someone?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you come to my town to do a course/do a private course for just a few people?
A: Yes.  But you will need a minimum of $1200, and an appropriate facility (i.e. community hall, large office, classrooms, shop, etc).  Get a group of friends, coworkers or a sports team together.  More people will be interested than you might think! (And a lot of spouses are interested as well).  The more people you have, the less you pay person (for each person over 6, I will bring the cost per person down).  

Q: Can a person under 18:
Take non-restricted course: Yes
Take restricted course: No

Q: I lost my paperwork…do I have to retake the course?
A: No.  You passed the course, and a copy of the paperwork is kept at the Calgary AHEIA office.
Phone: (403) 252-8474
Toll Free: 1-866-852-4342

Q: I passed the course.  Can I go buy firearms now?
A: No.  You passed the course, allowing you to apply for your PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence).  The process usually takes a minimum of 4 months if you apply with everything perfectly filled out for your non-restricted (restricted can be 6-8 months).  Double check the application!  Once you receive your PAL in the mail, you can then purchase ammunition and the class of firearms which your PAL specifies.

Q: Okay, I have my PAL now.  Does this mean I can go hunting in Alberta?
A: No.  You must have taken and passed the Alberta Hunter Education Course.  It can be taken through an instructor (we teach it in Stettler). In-person is the best way to learn, with an experienced instructor to answer questions you may have!  

RCMP website

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not meant to be legal advice.  If needed, please contact your local RCMP detachment or the Canadian Firearms Program in Miramichi (1-800-731-4000).